4 Ways to Increase the Likes and Shares for Your Social Media Content

16Oct, 2018

Social media is a strong platform that can help us to increase the value of our brand by reaching the targeted audience within a short span of time. But with the increasing competition in the market, it is very important for us to create the content that is liked and shared by the audience in order to increase our customer base.

Let us have a look at the 4 ways that can help us to increase the likes and shares of our social media content.

  • Know Your Audience

The first and the foremost step to get more likes and shares for your social media content is to know who your audience is and what do they want from your platform. Google Analytics is a wonderful tool that helps you to know the demographics, age, the content preferences of your audience so that you can know for whom are you writing the content. Know your customers completely so that you can serve them exactly what they want and they will not hesitate to press the like and share button for you.

  • A Catchy Headline Is A Must

People are attracted to the content if and only if it contains a catchy headline. If the content contains powerful words in the headline then there are higher chances that the audience will be attracted more to it. The headline should be brief, relevant, and must arouse curiosity in order to attract the attention of the audience from the beginning. The headlines with catchy, powerful words and containing numbers give the audience the exact idea what the content is all about.

  • Make the Content Shareable

It is very important to make the content shareable in order to reach the targeted audience in the vast market. If people love reading what you have written then they will definitely give it a thumbs up and share it with their family and friends. More the relevancy and quality of the content to the targeted audience, the more they will share your content. Try to include the social media sharing options in your content so if they love reading your content then they can share it in their network.

  • Add Visual Content

Visual content has always remained more effective as compared to the plain text. The videos, images, gifs, and audios when added to the written content adds more value to it and attracts more people to read it. People tend to attract more where they see visual effects as it is interesting and also easier to understand. There are various tools available for creating the visual infographics for your content. Don’t let your content remain plain, add some spice to it and get more likes and shares from the audience!

Implement the above steps for your social media content and reach out to a larger targeted audience for your business!

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